David S.
I’m sorry did not meet with Dr badger. I believe it was Dr Gomez? It was a good visit with good new, I still don’t have cancer. I do have a question for Dr Badger, when you removed my prostate you said you didn’t think I had stage three cancer but I did have cancer. When I moved in to the house I’m in I immediately put in garden and the day after I ate the first radishes I walked out to my garden and it was full of sewage. I have since found out that this has been happening for six years before I moved in. This information was kept from me when I purchased this place. My question is could what was seen on my prostate be something that came from my eating vegetables that were grown in sewage?

Marc L.
All questions answered

Mark C.
This office has consistently provided prompt and reliable information on tests, visits and patient questions. I feel very comfortable with the skill, knowledge, and professionalism. Thank you

Andrew R.
This was a follow-up visit for a surgical procedure. Dr. Rumohr was quite personable, and seemed genuinely interested in my condition. He reviewed the latest results and recommended an appropriate follow-up interval.

Vicky C.
Dr. Collins and her staff are amazing and very attentive to the patients needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have surgery!

Michael B.
Great doc, actually listens to patient’s description of issues. Takes the time to understand and think about the patient’s situation before orchestrating a possible treatment plan. I am lucky to have several doctors like this!

Michael O.
Dr. Beasley was terrific to have for my situation. She was clear and precise in providing information. Better yet, she was just darn pleasant to talk with on all aspects of my condition AND on topics outside of just audiology. She made me very relaxed and comfortable during the whole process.

James W.
DR Gomez was very good , he anwsered my concerns from recent procedure ! He have me some ideas on how to improve results possibly and rescheduled me in 2 months where we can review where im at then !

Doc Preston is very patient and deals with me slowly because of my age and health problems. I am very grateful for her.

Richard Z.
Extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. What more can you ask for?

James C.
Ms. Hyder, thank you for your help. I’ve been able to urinate on a semi bases. The problem I have now is constipation. Please review at your earliest convenience. I’ve only had two BM of little to no significance. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I’m unsure of what to do next. Thank you for your help and understanding. Thanks again.

Priyadarshini D.
Alison didn’t look at the clock, but to trying to diagnose my problem, and figure out a way forward. She was thorough and has a holistic approach. I loved my experience with her

Michael B.
The visit was timely. Services were thorough. Doctor was pleasant and informative. Doctor offered options.

Lucita D.
Got feedback that I needed to know, plus visit was fast and easy. Although I was late for my appointment I was still able to visit with the doctor. THX

Pamela G.
I saw Alison Kavanaugh today concerning a persistent cough and related symptoms. She was professional, thorough, and very comforting. She really listened to me, and she covered every option available for treatment. She turned a visit I’d dreaded into a cordial and informative session, and I left feeling as if I was on my way to solving a chronic problem.

Tori K.
Thorough and very comforting.

Maureen K.
Quick and efficient. Listened carefully and worked with me to develop a plan.

Richard U.
The staff & doctors asked more questions, we’re very thorough, and I appreciate all the different options they provided for my husband. Thank you for your patience and kindness

Kathleen H.
First visit with Dr Lund and he is very personable and very professional.

James M.
the reason why i choose five stars because Dr.Berger is a very good doctor

Winston F.
Dr. Edelmayer went to great lengths to help me with my hemorhaging nosebleed. He went the extra mile to save me from a dire emergency. I don’t know what I would have done without his professional care. He is a very caring person.

Mark H.
Dr. Edelmayer was confident and knowledgeable. Exactly what you want from a surgeon. Quickly diagnosed the problem, informed me of the steps he was going to perform immediately. Minor procedure which he completed with skill and thoroughness. Let me know what additional steps would be necessary and how we’d proceed.

Delorse W.
I felt Dr. Lund listened to my concerns. He was informative and explained what I was needing to hear.

Makayla H.
He was very kind as well as informative. I understood everything he said to me and if I didn’t he would explain it very well.

Louis H.
As good as can be expected under the circumstances.

Autumn B.
I ended up taking my 3 year old daughter to ENT due to her being sick since December and her ear was bothering her. I got tired of running around in circles with a doctor so we got referred to ENT. As soon as Dr Edelmayer walked in the room my daughter was super comfortable with talking to him! She sat still while he looked in her ears and nose. He immediately told me after looking in my daughters left ear that she had fluid. She now has to get tubes and her adenoids taken out! He did amazing and we were comfortable!! I would 100% recommend seeing Dr Edelmayer!!

My experience was success &wonderful. The employees were so great full &helpful.

Carlos R.
Great experience!

Alvin B.
very good and informative,

William B.
Dr. Badger is very professional, knowledgeable, explains things well and is very cordial.

Debra D.
I’m amazed at the way the entire staff made me feel very comfortable and kept me posted on what was happening around me. I am still amazed at how she was able to do so much with laparoscopic surgery. I was pretty bruised up I had a great recovery and I’m back the yard gardening. She will be the 1st surgeon that I contact if I should need additional help. I have also shared her name to several people. Thank you for the great job. Debra L. Davis 8/15/1952

Mike K.
Dr. Rumohr displayed incredibly positive bedside manner during a fairly unpleasant procedure.

Chris is knowledgeable and answered all my questions, which was the main purpose of the visit for both myself and him. He checked incisions, a few test results, checked for pain (there was none). He laid out the monitoring program going forward. I forgot to ask a couple questions, but he stayed until all of mine were answered. Excellent care I thought and a kind person.

Robert V.
Good and efficient.

Liam A.
Dr. Luke was very respectful and polite. I really appreciated how he took time to explain to my son what his appointment was about and the plan of care to follow. Any visit to a doctor is scary for a child but I am so thankful Dr. Luke made my son feel comfortable. Thank you!

Guy P.
Good visit with Dr. Lund. Very helpful.

Fred C.
Dr. Edelmayer is an excellent doctor. He listens to you and explains everything very well.

Rebecca P.
Dr. Preston is just what I needed after being diagnosed with breast cancer! She is brilliant and I am so blessed to have her and her team taking care of me. She truly cares! Thanks Dr. Preston, she lives up to her incredible reputation! Flagstaff we are blessed to have her!

Rebecca P.
What a incredible doctor. I have so much confidence in her!! Dr. Preston’s care and concern are genuine. She has lived up to her 5 Star reputation! Becky Payne

Bob T.
The Women at the Window were very Helpful and Positive. I definitely give them 5 Stars.

Charles S.
His skills saved my life. He is brilliant and compassionate

Nataya P.
Dr. Lund is a very good ENT & puts his patients first and does his best. Very friendly and professional staff. I recommend his services to everybody.

Ruth S.
I’ve had many surgeries. My experience with Dr. Preston was outstanding! She is empathetic and compassionate. She allows both the patient and herself to be human.She is one of a small number of people who have kept me alive. I can’t thank her enough.

Kimmer S.
Everyone was professional very kind

Stephen S.
Dr Beasley was friendly, exceptionally knowledgeable and professional.

Matthew V.
Very nice and knowledgeable.

Deborah H.
Dr Wesche always makes sure to care for the client and not just the illness/issues. Thank you doc

Suzanne L.

Listened and did a thorough examination and answered all my questions.

Guy L.
We will see if the recommended treatment is successful?

Raymond S.
She explained everything to me, and what my options were.

Vince M.
Dr. Preston is a highly skilled surgeon who made the difference in my surgical outcome. Excellent bedside manner and really listens to her patients. So grateful to have her providing high level surgical services to our community.

Andrew M.
Dr. Badger is approachable, easy to talk to and a recognized expert in his field. I highly recommend him.

Susanne P.
Dr. Preston is amazing! She is very dedicated to the health and wellbeing of her patients. She is an excellent surgeon whose work is amazing. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me during my breast cancer treatment.

Lori J.
Very easy to talk with. I feel like he cares about his patients.

Gregory S.
He answered all my questions and gave me good hope for a great future to my nose issues

Dolores C.
Professional, knowledgeable, wonderful bed-side manner, and very efficient and capable. Excellent personality and a genuine person. Follows through and does her best for each patient.

James W.
I experienced overactive bladder symptoms for at least fifteen years. This most recent visit was for an office treatment involving Botox injections, which worked beautifully.

Pamela H.
This was my first visit with Dr. Lund. I felt very confident in his assessment of my current condition and plan for follow-up.

Benjamin S.
As usual, my visit was without wait and exam was complete. The outcome of my exam is stable and in good hands of Dr. Rumohr.

Tobie B.
Dr. Aldridge is the best Surgeon in Flagstaff! I have known him for years and have watched him become the most amazing Surgeon and Specialist a patient could ever hope for. He recently successfully performed a Robotics surgery for my Colon Cancer. My recovery was quick. He really cares about his pt’s! TY

Larry B.
Very good

Mea C.
From the time you walk in the door everybody’s so nice! And Dr Lund is very kind,thorough and helpful! So glad that I can go there!

Sam G.
I would highly recommend Flagstaff Surgical Associates. All the staff were extremely helpful and polite and made the experience great.

Kimberly R.

Jon C.

Dennis E.
Telemetry was a good experience

Dr Berger was very thorough in his exam of my double hernia and in explaining the procedure. Now 4 weeks after surgery everything is healing well and I am very happy I selected to use him to perform my surgery

Karen W.
Was a thorough exam; explained issues well; personable

Catherine T.
Dr. Preston is the best!

Melanie W.
I had really been anxious about this visit over what it would involve, and because I had never met Dr. Lund and did not know anything about him. He was very easy to talk to, and he was very gentle when he performed the dreaded exam. Very grateful and impressed.

Gary D.
He listened to my concerns and gave me the steps we are taking to address them.

Danny R.
We have always enjoyed seeing Dr. Tritle. He has always taken very good care of our family. We will miss him terribly. The office staff and nurse were great also.

Moses M.
Very thoughtful of me, that goes a long way! Thank You

Kenneth C.
Dr Lund and Abby were both fantastic. The informational paperwork provided by your practice was terrible, full of excessive and irrelevant details and intrusive questions unrelated to my care. You don’t need my SS#. You don’t need my children’s names. Then you did not ask the MOST IMPORTANT question of all: Covid Vaccination history. Your office procedures need a real work-over.

Vivian S.
Awesome Doc and office personnel

Andre R.
Just amazing. Dr Rumhor and his are the best.❤️

Richard H.
Very pleased with Dr Beasley. She was very professional, knowledgeable and a good communicator with a very pleasant personality.

Robert V.
Dr. Rumore has been very through in my case. He has answered my questions. I have been very pleased with his services.

Matthew D.
Fast, professional and a great sense of humor by Dr. Aldridge. I feel confident I am in good hands.

Susan C.
She’s a great doctor. Listens to you and then takes action to fix what you need.

Dennis L.
I was very happy with my appointment

Harriet G.
As always, Dr. Rumohr was informative, very pleasant & up-beat. We have completed our ‘operations’ with excellent results. Now just a follow-up in 6 months! One could not ask for a better doctor. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!!!

Maudie A.
I was seen on time and Dr. Aldridge answered all my questions. My experience with FMC was good!!! Thank you to everyone that helped during my surgery.

Great Dr. He compassionate about your health and very attentive. He provides the best possible care regards and finding best medical treatment for your medical condition. I would highly recommend Dr.Badger to anyone.

Judy B.
Dr. Berger is awesome. I would recommend him and his team for any of your surgical needs. On a scale of one to ten I’d give him a 12!

Betty S.
it was my first time talking to Dr. Andrew Aldridge, and every thing went on so well, except that my camera would not work on my phone. I hope to fix it next time. But all in all we talked and He listened to me, and that matters so much.

Amy C.
I had a great appointment with Dr. Beasley. She was excellent, she explained everything and happy I got fitted for hearing aids.

Matthew F.
Great people! Everyone treats me well! thanks,Matt

Thomas W.
On time appointment and Dr Rumohr took time to answer all my questions!

Edward S.
Thorough consultation pre-surgery

Ruth F.
Kerry is wonderful. She made the process positive, educational, and friendly.

Robert F.
Dr. Lund is an excellent physician

Douglas C.
I am pleased to recomend Dr. Berger for his surgical skill in repairing my umbilical hernia. The surgery went well as did my recovery. I can also commend the staff at Flagstaff Surgical Associates as well as the involved hospital staffers. Thank you.

Gary K.

Brad T. S.
I was very impressed with Dr. Daniel Wesche’s medical knowledge, expertise and professionalism! Balanced equally with a down-to-earth, friendly personality that provided peace of mind for me as his patient. Dr. Wesche first accurately diagnosed the elusive source of my recurring severe pain. He then took the necessary steps in a timely manner to arrange my immediate outpatient surgical procedure at Flagataff Medical Center Hospital, coordinating all the necessary pre-op protocols. Dr. Wesche’s surgical skills in performing my specific surgical repair procedure were exemplary! Sincerely, Brad T. S.

Carl W.

Carl W.

Robert R.
Polite and informative. He explained things carefully to me. I felt confident that he would be conscientious and skillful.

Mark P.
Dr. Preston is a very skilled surgeon. She lestens to her patients issues, provide clear feedback and is not quick to jump to the knife. I have had several occasions to visit her and have always been extremely satisfied. I would highly recommend her. Mark Peck

Chandramauli P.
I had good experience , Doctor knew my problem , explained me treatment . Answer my questions

Glen J.
Dr Badger is a professional.

Justina Y.
Good paste of appointment.

Susan S.
Dr. Lund is wonderful. Thank you for the great care and kindness. So nice to meet you, glad you came to Flagstaff!

Winston M.

Kathryn L.
It was truly a pleasure to meet Dr. Beasley. She is efficient, thorough and did a great job of explaining my condition and best next steps. And, she is a hoot to chat with. I look forward to working with her.

very good, no complaints.

Scott S.
I had a great visit with Dr Rumohr

Jonathan S.
Dr. Wesche’s office got me scheduled for a visit in less than 24 hours for an urgent need. Dr. Wesche was prompt, kind, and right to the problem. He chose not to sedate based on my feedback. That made everything go quickly. It was a rough experience but I am absolutely grateful for the speedy relief that his decision facilitated. He greatly improved my immediate situation and put me on the path to healing. Thank you Dr. Wesche!

Jacqueline B.
Dr. Aldridge and his staff are always kind and caring. Thank you for being considerate even during technical difficulties. Could not ask for better care.

Frits M.
Kerry is a great audiologist. I had a cochlear implant last year in March. She has been taking care of me since my surgery. She is very knowledgeable and patient. I have needed frequent visits for adjustments to help with my hearing and have received excellent care. My previous audiologists at another location left town last year and I switched over to Kerry. I am very glad that I did.

Brent K.
Good experience

Gregory L.
Good explanation

Fred C.
Very personal and professional, clear simple consultation

Lloyd S.
everyone is upbeat and helpful, and they care about you as a person.

Jeffrey E.
He is easy to talk to and very helpful

David B.
Dr. Badger was very outgoing and friendly. He handled my situation with care and compassion, and thoroughly explained my options.

Megan H.
They were very helpful and they remembered me from 12 years ago

Garrilynn B.

Dr. Berger was very polite and informative about what procedure he recommended.

Donald S.
Everything was great from all the Doctors, staff, and all the hospital personnel. I was well informed about my surgery before and after, great care. Thanks to all who took such great care of me.

Grant H.
Dr. Beasley is very professional. She takes time to listen and evaluate what needs to be done to improve what ever the problem is. I feel she is very concerned about doing what can be done to make the situation better.

Sheila Q.
Dr. Lund was very professional in his approach to the issue that I was in the office for. He was knowledgeable and friendly while he took care of the problem. I would not hesitate to go to him in the future.

Michael M.
Very nice and friendly. Answered all my questions/concerns.

Jason E.
Doctor Rumohr identified my problem and quickly corrected the issue. He and his team were courteous, professional, and above all else, genuinely concerned for my wellbeing. Their demeanor and conduct was greatly above-and-beyond expectations!!! Furthermore, as an out-of-town patient, I was amazed at the flexibility and compassionate customer service regarding traveling and scheduling appointments and procedures. To sum up my experience is to say they built a foundation of trust, reliability, and compassionate professionalism. Thank you!!!!

Stephen W.
No wait, great staff, even better Dr!

Gary G.
Dr. Preston and everyone who supports her provided me with excellent personalized attention, otherwise known as excellent bedside manner in addressing me, my questions, my body, and self!

Jeffrey H.
I’ve had great conversations with Dr Badger. He explained everything quite well and has prepared me for the procedure next week.

Overall good experience

Omar V.
Great customer service and staff

P L.
Dr. Badger and his staff were great. The office procedure was fast and efficient. Any questions I had were answered completely and the procedure was fast and painless…even afterwards when I was expecting more recovery time. Highly recommend Dr. Badger!

Julia H.
My fist visit was great. Staff was courteous, friendly and professional. My every concern was addressed. Dr. Lund listened.

Walter C.
Welcomed. Treated respectfully. My needs were met. Scheduled follow-up. Good customer service.

Mark P.
Great Dr.

Martin W.
Excellent visit. Dr. Badger was very helpful and his staff efficient.

Teresa D.
Dr B. is very kind, caring, accommodating and down to earth. She makes visits enjoyable

Donald H.
Televist worked just fine for this type of appointment. Thank you.

Brent K.
Very informative, and caring

Joseph A.
The telephone contact was informative so that I will now be prepared to make an informed choice relative to further treatment. However, although Dr Badger informed regarding scheduling for further tests, the office has yet to contact me after almost a week.

Michael M.
Dr Badger is both very knowledgeable and very aspiring of confidence. I left the appointment satisfied that I understood what he had explained and that I had confidence that his recommendations were wise.

Julius T.

John B.
Very positive experience re: my recent appointment! Dr. Preston was great! I feel very positive re: my upcoming surgery.

Debora C.
It was nice to not have to travel 3 hours for a 10 appointment. Thank you

David W.
The front office assistant solved my problem right away by replacement of a wire in each of my hearing aids. Much appreciated!

Brent B.
Dr. Beasley is both very capable and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone needing hearing medical advice.

Stanford N.
Your personnel were the greatest for relieving my anxiety and preparing me for the exam. You and yoiour two assistants were the absolute best. I had suffered some very painful issues. You provided the aid, and I have much pain relief since. I could not have imagined such relief in such a short time. I can’t give enough praise for this service.

Beginning to end, great experience!

Regula S.
Dr Badger always takes the time I need and tries to understand my needs.

Howard B.
Dr. Badger was clear, concise, and friendly when discussing my procedure. I appreciated his time and knowledge.

Nancy D.
Gallbladder surgery has changed for the better. This is now outpatient surgery and recovery time is much faster. Very professional people at Flagstaff Surgical.

Sue N.
Dr is looking at all possibilities while being encouraging. I enjoyed my visit.

William C.
Sure do appreciate all of Your efforts. Thank you.

Joseph D.
Dr. Rumohr was great. He took time to explain the procedure to me in a consult and was engaged in conversation with me throughout the procedure. It made the time go by quickly and painlessly. I would absolutely recommend him and will follow-up if/when I have future urology needs.

Gale R.
Professional and polite

Kelly R.
Dr. Aldridge addressed all of my concerns with sincere compassion, honesty, and expertise. Everyone including his medical staff acted with integrity, which helped to ease my anxiety. My surgery went well and would highly recommend Dr. Aldridge!

Tandie A.

Theodore L.
Doctor Lund listened to what I had to say about my problem and was responsive.

Chris S.
Dealing with Dr. Badger is always a positive experience. He is professional and friendly. I would recommend his practice to anyone.

Thomas L.
Always good .

I have better treatment here than other that I use to go thank u

Ronald S.
Always great to see Dr. Badger

William T.
Excellent doctor, don’t loose him

Pleased with my follow up review and plan going forward.

Donald S.

Dakota R.
When getting a vasectomy you want to be in good hands, Dr. Badger and team were just that. Very professional from beginning to end. They made the procedure as quick and painless as possible. If you are looking to get a vasectomy, I’d highly recommend Dr. Badger.

Hector A.
Excellent Dr Lund is great !

Lyle J.
He clearly had read over his notes from our previous meeting so knew what was important and where to go next. You would think all docs would do that but some are in too big a hurry, which makes for problems. So this was reassuring.

Carol L.
It’s lovely to hear well again!!

Tim G.
Dr. Badger was professional and caring. He made it a comfortable experience and was thoughtful and attentive to all concerns.

Shaun R.
Dr Berger and his staff were excellent and professional in every way also took care of the problem quickly.

Susanne P.
Dr. Preston takes time to talk with you, listen to concerns, and answer questions. I always feel that Dr. Preston cares about me and my health. She’s fantastic!

Jean M.
Went for consultation and was so pleased with his knowledge, experience and willing to fix my hernia. He listened to me and asked if I had any questions. Was not rushed in any way.

William E.
Very informative and positive. Dr Badger helped m understand treatment options and make the best informed decision about my healthcare.

Kyle H.
This is a bit late, but better late then never. I have been a patient of Dr Aldridge’s for over 11 years. Had my latest surgery in July and as always, he has been professional, attentive, caring, educational, and amazing! He is the only surgeon that I trust in my gut! I knew when I was having problems all I had to do was call him and he listened to me, trusted what I said, ordered the right tests and came up with a plan. He got me fixed up, followed up with me to make sure that I was ok, and continues to follow up to make sure that things are ok. He even remembered my mom from my last surgery a few years ago! Thank you Dr. Aldridge for taking such good care of me!!!

Rena R.
I went into the Holiday Season with an unexpected health issue… Dr Preston helped make this experience the positive life changer it needed to be.

Barbra B.
Dr. Lund was so gentle with taking care of me. He answered all my questions and concerns. He gave me great advice and insight as to what to expect, if what he has done, doesn’t take care of my needs completely. I will definitely return for more care if needed. Thank you Dr. Lund.

Michael B.
very pleasant and easy to talk with.

David R.
My first telemedicine experience! Dr. Aldridge made it easy.

Kenneth L.

DelRae T.
Your to Assistant made an unpleasant experience more comfortable.

Ronald S.
Dr. Badger Is a great specialist and has a cheerful manner. He is like a friend.

James H.
Dr is friendly and listens

Jessica S.
My visit with Dr. Lund was great. Would definitely recommend Flagstaff Surgical Associates-ENT

Julie M.
Dr. Lund was very attentive.

David D.

I had a cystoscopy – Dr. Rumohr was gentle and professional, talking me through what we were seeing on the screen.

Milton Z.
My elderly father has very sensitive ears but needs them cleaned often. Dr. Lund takes his time and does it with minimal discomfort. Dr. Lund also answers all dad’s questions thoroughly.

Jim W.
Please note— I did NOT intentionally send a 4.8/5 star review. My rating is 5/5!!!!!

Karra H.
Dr Berger was easy to talk to and took the time to explain everything well.

Monique B.
Dr.Wesche is awesome. His staff is great and attentive.

Other than waiting 20 min. for my appt., it was a good experience. Everyone was friendly, helpful, personable & knowledgeable. Thank you.

Keith S.
Dr Rumohr is an excellent doctor.

Sherry L.
Doctor was very thorough with the exam and answered my questions and concerns

Dr. Rumohr and his staff are caring professionals.

Elsie C.
Dr. Rumohr. Always attentive to his patients…he always does an excellent job, twice that his done procedures on me. I appreciate him.

Raymond S.

Valerie P.
All went well.

Leonard H.
Dr. Rumohr and his team are outstanding. Very patient-centric, friendly, and well-organized. I have been a patient here for four years and am extremely pleased.

Susan S.
Very thorough & clear in his approach.

Ann R.
I had a telehealth appointment set up on my phone (I thought), but when I couldn’t get my device to work properly, Dr. Rumohr called me personally on the phone the old fashioned way to connect with me in a way in which i was more secure. (Hopefully I will get better at the newer technology.) Anyway, Dr. Rumohr also made me feel very much at ease in explaining to him my urological problem, that he listened to carefully and for which he was quickly able to come up with a plan of treatment acceptable to both of us.

Maureen O.
Dr. Aldridge is a great surgeon. He is always kind, compassionate and paient. He listens closely to my concerns and explains everything in a manner in which I can understand. I feel very comfortable around him and appreciate everything he and his medical team have done for me.

Jessica C.
Good listener and kindhearted doctor.

Kathleen K.
Dr. Lund was very patient with me and the whole televisit appointment. I waited for my appointment but couldn’t wait any longer. He ended up calling me back and said they’d been having technical problems. We talked a little and decided how to proceed. I was very thankful that Dr. Lund seemed to take the confusion in stride.

Steven A.
Dr Badger is wonderful. Office very organized and no waiting for appt.

Rebecca P.
Nice guy, great surgeon, very happy!

Katrina S.
Dr Berger answered all my questions and took time to make sure I was at ease with the process.

Thomas T.
Very well done.

Karen M.
Dr Lund-and staff-were all very kind and knowledgeable. I have a general distrust of western medicine, but Dr. Lund was very kind and listened to my concerns. THUMBS UP !

Bernadette T.
All my visits have been handled with kindness and concern. I was very pleased with my care in your office. I have recommended your office to friends.

Rena N.
Everything was good with the visit and the workers were helpful.

Mercedes K.
Easy. Didn’t have to drive to the office, wait in waiting room. Very good idea

Kasson Ray L.
The staff was extremely nice and respectful

Susan J.

Sarah B.
Dr Preston is down to earth and listened to my concerns, at the same time smart and capable.

Thomas H.
Good experience; doctor was very informative. He said he appreciated my direct questions concerning his practice, surgical techniques, types of surgery and risk factors. Blessings

Cynthia P.
My first appointment with Dr. Aldridge was very good. Thank you to the staff for their help!

Jacqueline B.
Dr. Aldridge was kind and very attentive. He alleviated all concerns about my choice for weight management. I feel confident moving forward with Dr. Aldridge on my team. Thank you for making me feel comfortable with my journey.

Gabriel S.
very good thank you

Jonathan L.
Dr Aldridge is a great doctor and surgeon.

Elizabeth T.
Dr. Berger is fantastic. Talented, caring and knowledgeable.

Jolene B.
A little confusing getting on to Doxy. But other then that, good experience with Dr. Berger. Very helpful and answered my questions for me.

Wayne R.
Very good !

Lambert L.
Dr. Badger, is always professional, informative, and displays a caring attitude. He educates you during the visits, and informs you about prevention and things to look for. Flagstaff is blessed to have him.

Mark D.
Dr. Rumohr is a very personable doctor. He took his time and got to know me. He wasn’t in a rush to get to the next patient. And best of all he wasn’t in a hurry to do surgery. His staff are extremely confident and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Rumohr and his office. Thank you

Cathy S.
My appointment with Dr. Rumohr went very well, the staff is courteous and caring. The office is well maintained and clean. Dr. Rumohr explained the procedure simply and invited any and all questions. I would recommend Dr. Rumohr to my friends and family.

Loren J.
Time Of Visit..Ive been Treated Fairly.

Holly T.
While 8:15am is too early, it was efficient and satisfactory. No real issues to deal with, just checking in after 3 years.

Marc D.
Dr. Berger and his entire staff were very professional before, during and after my consultation. Thank you!

Raven C.

Raven C.

Raymond S.
My visit was worth it. The office gave me extra time for my arrival. Two thumbs up

Robin P.
Dr explained everything and made me feel comfortable. All staff very professional. I will make the hour trip without hesitation for my next appointment.

Maureen C.
Dr. Rumor was personable, listened to my concerns, explained my situation in a clear, understandable manner.

Charles T.
Dr. Badger is friendly and informative. What I like about his practice is unlike my home doctors, he’s not a “Pill Popper”. He does tests to work on finding the underlying cause of the problem, not just try to diagnose it without performing any tests at all. Thank you for your time Dr. Badger…

Dr. Berger was a great physician in every way. Knowledgeable, decisive, caring. He handled my surgery in an expert and very satisfying manner. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Excellent customer service

Tova S.
I enjoy my follow ups and tips of encouragement from my doctor.

William H.
Outstanding! It was painless. Dr. Jon Rumohr was a really nice guy, staff was friendly. It was an all around great experience for me.

Clayton S.
Professional and Personal, calm and easy to understand, encouraging, just a good guy.

James C.
Dr Badger is very thorough in what he does. He takes the time to explain everything he is doing and what he found during the exam or procedure. He does not make you fell like he`s in a hurry to get to the next patient and that his time is your time.

It was really good he talked to me like i was a person

Larry R.
Dr. Rumohr is a good bro. Quick and friendly there at the office.

Sherry C.
I am very satisfied with doctor Lund.

Katrina S.
Very efficient. All my questions were answered

Karen I.
Dr. Rumohr is a great Urologist. He knows his stuff & very easy to talk to. He takes his time to address any concerns or questions you may have, very pleased with him & his entire staff.

Donald A.
First class from the 1st phone call to follow up with surgeon!

Mark B.
Always professional and caring. Thank You

Joyce F.
Doctor Berger is one of the best I have gone to. I have had one surgery and I will be going for another very soon his staff is one of the most caring and helpful I would recommend him to anyone.

Not computer literate but the instructions were easy to follow.

Lauren D.
Everyone in Dr. Wesche’s office was professional and respectful in every way. My surgery was on time and quick with no problems during and after surgery. I am extremely pleased with the results.

Angela F.
Dr. Berger was very easy to talk to, and I appreciate his honesty. The virtual visit was easy and safe.

Dr Rumohr and his staff were excellent. They took the time to listen to all my issues and address each.

Melinda H.
Always takes care of me and I leave with satisfaction that things will be taken care of. The staff is also very much on the ball. Well pass the word if anyone needs a good surgeon. two thumbs up

Christopher P.
Dr. Badger is an amazing physician. He is very nice in talking to his patient and efficient to his job.

Heather P.
My experience with Dr. Berger was very comfortable and informative from the star . Dr. Berger and Betsy answered a lot of questions at the free informational seminar. I went through the weight management clinic and after insurance approval I scheduled my gastric bypass. Dr. Berger checked in with me before surgery to make sure I was doing okay, nervous of course, but he helped ease my nerves. Dr. Berger also checked in on me after I was out of recovery and assured me everything went well. Now just over a month post-OP, things are still going well and I’ve had no issues. And I feel a lot better being 30lbs lighter already!

Fara O.
Dr. Lund is thorough and courteous.

Curtis A.
My experiance was nice, I was treated well and had no problems

Daniel H.
Staff is very friendly helpful and efficient. I was taken back on time By the time the nurse was done with the preliminaries (she was very friendly and personable but didn’t waste time) Dr Rumohr was there began his exam and asked about me and my health issues and answered my questions. I was very comfortable with Dr Rumohr and could talk to him like an old friend. It was a very enjoyable experience. Thank to Dr Rumohr and his wonderful staff

Thomas G.
Dr. Lund was very helpful with questions and answers I had. The surgery was a success, thank you Dr. Lund..

Patricia L.
Great experience. Loved, loved Dr Lunds Medical Assistant. Made the visit very comforting. Dr Lund was very helpful to me.

Jeannie H.
Dr. Lund is Wonderful and Caring. He is always making sure You are Okay and Willing to do Whatever it takes. I Highly Recommend Him!

Richard H.
Telemedicine, worked well

Kerwin L.
Informative, relaxed, and I felt listened to.

Remy D.
Nursing staff and Dr. Lund are so kind, professional, and engaging!

Levi G.
Great doc. Answered all my questions and concerns and was patient with my son.

Michael B.
Good, he was very informative. Answered all of our questions and was very kind.

Carol O.
Dr. Berger is very knowledgeable. I really appreciate that he took the time to listen and understand.

Tyanna K.

Robert W.
Despite the Covid , my visit was professional and I’m very satisfied.

Sabine M.
Safe and professional.

Randy H.
Quick and friendly

Kathy S.
All the staff and Dr. Wesche put me at ease during my office visit. I understand exactly what to expect during my procedure and am confident everything will done beautifully and efficiently!

I was so fortunate to have Dr. Berger be the one who did my surgery. He is definitely a man who loves his work! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs surgical work – of any kind!

Juan F.
Telephone brief and to the point of purpose of the call was very helpful during these times

Roger E.

Sherry C.
The doctor was thurl.

I was very impressed by the service, and the help that you gave me I want to thank every one there for the service they provided me with and Doctor you explained everything that you were going to do and told me that everything was going to be alright, I was to say thank you and may God blessed your work and your family Thank you.

Erwin I.
The steps applicable to my situation were explained well ;the personnel was very attentive

Ralph L.
Everyone was very courteous but it was largely a 10 minute visual observation which is all that was required.

Doctor Rumohr is considerate, open- minded and detailed. I appreciate his thoughtfulness regarding the recovery process related to kidney stone removal.

Elizabeth P.
I am so grateful for Dr. Preston. She listened and genuinely cared about my concerns. Dr. Preston and Dr. Quigley worked together in my surgeries to ensure the cancer is gone and my cosmetic results are what I want — thank you both!

George N.
Took me early. Quick efficient staff. Explained everything.

Judith H.
Excellent surgeon. She has a warm caring personality. I just love her. I have had two surgeries by her. Would highly recommend her to anyone.

Robyn K.
Dr. Lund was compassionate, but also very realistic of what the recovery process after my surgery! Their office staff was friendly and helpful. The nurses were also amazing across all fronts! He is definitely a wonderful doctor who listens and cares for patients with professionalism! I highly recommend him for all your needs.

Ronald S.
Audio was not good. Dr was very good as always. Video was so so on downside. The use of a video visit was great. Saves a lot of time and hacel, driving, parking,etc. Unless a special exam or procedure is needed, let’s keep the video visits going.

I have experienced nothing short of exceptional service from Dr Badger and staff throughout my encounters with them.

Kenneth M.
it was good

James H.
I have been on several forms of phone conference. This was a very positive experience and I am glad that I could meet up with Dr. Rumohr. Always better in person but the process of safe distancing and so forth allowed me to get the care I needed without the problems of viral spread.

Michael M.
Very good, answered all our questions. Could use another server for the telehealth, it kind of went in and out hard to understand sometimes when Dr. badger was talking.

David P.
It was great they have an excellent nurse and an excellent doctor

Gregory L.
Excellent service!

Joyce D.
Excellent and most encouraging

Jeanne C.
The staff were all very professional and courteous while dealing with the fears of Covid19. It was a swift visit with very little waiting. Dr. Lund is caring and pleasant to work with.

Sherri M.
Dr.Lund is simply amazing. From his bedside manner to his extraordinary skill set. Never have I felt more comfortable before and after surgery. Thank you for the best experience possible Dr. Lund!! Many Thanks!!!

Jessica A.
Dr Wesche is so caring and knowledgeable.

Jason D.
Dr Wesche, was awesome. I finally feel like I found someone that truly wants to help me and fix my problem.

Margarita C.
It was a telehealth appointment. Very easy.

Morgan M.
Despite some technical difficulties on my end, the televisit went well. Dr. Aldridge was able to make a diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Lois J.
Dr Aldridge and his team provided easy to follow instructions for an effortless appointment on my part. All my questions were answered and I was treated with the utmost respect. Thank you Dr Aldridge and team.

Jean C.

Michael O.
Your advise and Follow through , Great . Surgery turned out very good. Thank you very much, And you will be highly recommended by Me for sure.

Tori W.
I am very grateful for Dr. Lund. My daughter has been struggling with hearing since she was 9 months old and was seeing a local Dr in Lake Havasu, where she kept getting surgery postponed. We went to get a second opinion with him and he said surgery now and our daughter a year and a half later now has her hearing restored. When we came for the second opinion about 1.5 year later she was almost unable to hear completely and now she can!! Thank you again Dr. Lund!!

George A.
Dr. Badger helped me understand the current status of my condition, as well as future options, in a clear and personable manner. He also addressed my questions honestly and forthrightly.

Ruth R.
Very professional staff.

Andrea S.
Dr. Lund was very informative, attentive, and listened to my concerns! Thank you Dr. Lund!

Denise C.
Dr. Rumohr is excellent. He takes his time and is very patient with any and all questions. Surgery in January went extremely well and the follow up video saved us the long drive from Kingman. However, Dr. Rumohr and his staff are worth the effort. They are wonderful.

Michael M.
very Professional, everyone taking the proper care.

Sierra B.
All the staff were very supportive and very helpful!

Edna D.
Always Great One of the BEST

Charles N.
It was good

Robert M.
My first time meeting Dr. Badger and I feel very comfortable so far. I feel he has the knowledge that I am looking for in a doctor. Very professional and answered all of my questions.

To Dr. Badger and staff I appreciate all that you did for me in my time of need. Every aspect of my treatment was done very well thank you so much.

Bernadette T.
Dr Lund was very kind and explained in detail our plan of action.

Deborah H.
Dr.Berger is Awesome!! Very informative and compassionate!! Made sure I was ok with everything before hanging up. Looking forward to fixing problems with knowledge and care!

Don R.
Dr Badger made time in his schedule to squeeze me in for a video conference consultation. As always, he was professional and personable and he outlined a clear path forward for treatment.

James G.
First time video conference. Got the job done. Thanks

Robert F.
Twice in as many months Dr Badger and staff came to the rescue. He and his staff are amazing.

Charles P.
As always Excellent patient care from Dr. Badger and staff. 2 hour drive and no regrets.

Jason A.
Very good care. Covered all issues.

Theresa M.
It was over the computer so it was kind of strange but overall it went well

David B.
My Telemed visit went very well. The technology worked good. I understand the status of my disease and the follow up process. Thank You!

Kathi S.
Dr. Lund was very professional and explained what was going on with my ear, and what options I had for healing it. Very happy to have him as my Dr.

Patricia S.
Dr Badger is 1 of a Kind…Mold was Broke when God created Him.

Walter H.
Dr Rumohr is the best! I’ve not only enjoyed first hand his expertise but his relaxed friendly understanding manner when ever I’ve been treated with him. I also really appreciated the staff that he’s assembled. Great people who are dedicated to what they are doing.

Michael C.
Dr Badger was courteous and explained why further procedures have to be delayed…. How long am I going to be dealing with the soreness…

Ruthie A.

Ricky B.
Thank You Dr. Badger for meeting with me. Much more convenient for me as I am living in Phoenix now.

Peter R.
Timely service and quick decision on next steps were appreciated.

Andrew T.
Dr. Lund is amazing, great, flexible, and extremely professional which is something you dont see now days with many doctors . Dr. Lund listens to patients concerns and explains everything very thoroughly and he talks to you like you are a person. Other doctors had previously said to, that I just have bad allergies and say take these pills. Dr. Lund listened to that fact nothing was working and that tried everything under the sun and saw no change. He took information from first appointment and then order scans to be done.(In all my years of complaining nobody had ordered scans before. The scans showed that my nose was really messed up and stated that allergy treatment wouldn’t really help me due to the issues in my nose. Dr. Lund fixed my nasal issues. I havent been able to breathe through my nose in about 20 years, it was well worth the 2+ hour drive to see him. I am recommending him to everyone I know that needs to see an ENT. Dr. Lund is a great asset to Flagstaff Surgical Associates/Flagstaff/ENT field of medicine.

Kyla Y.
Staff was mostly kind. Information provided was informed.

George H.
Dr. Badger was personal, professional..knowledgeable and quick

Robert C.
Very courteous staff. Had a biopsy done and I found that Dr. Badger is very good at describing the procedure, putting me at ease. Procedure was quick and only mildly discomforting. His post procedure explanation of expectations was thorough and much appreciated.

Joan G.
My wait time was short and Dr. Wesche’s staff is very helpful.

Debora S.
Great surgeon and person.

William H.
My experience with Flaggstaff surgical was great. The staff was very caring and explain the process to me.

Excellent Doctor. Easy to talk to. Felt I was in excellent knowledgeable Doctors hands. Excellent diagnosis. Will be back again to see him.

Dr. Preston listened to my concerns and addressed them all very professionally. I’m so grateful to have her expertise and compassion while dealing with cancer.

Great experience from reception to nurse and Doctor.

Gary M.
Hi. This is Gary’s wife responding to this. I’ve met Dr. Lund several times now, not for myself but with my son, my mother and now my husband and all three times the experience was great and we were fully satisfied with our visits. In addition the last two visits, one with my mom and my husband, his nurse was exceptional with their care. Please give her a huge pat on the back for a job well done. I’ve never met a nurse as nice as she and she deserves recognition. She made my mother feel really good about herself just with little praises. Thank you so much for that.

Steven D.
From beginning to end, team coordination, handling and addressing concerns to Dr. Rumohr’s skill, Thank you! Well done……Many Years all!

Jarvis D.
Dr Bagder was very up front on how the procedure would go. And the consultation was great he knew I had some doubts. He never pushed me to perform the surgery. Dr Badger was great knowing how nervous I was. The surgery was very quick. A little painful but he was quick to mend that issue. His years working in his positions shows how efficient and care for his patients.

Douglas P.
Dr Badger has been great from his calm demeanor to going the extra mile to get old records recovered and settle this old guy down. Thanks

Amanda G.
At first I was really scared cuz this is a big change in my life but when I talked with dr. Albridge and Betsy Fritz I felt like I had all the support in the world they were very understanding and caring

Larry B.
Dr. Badger is, in my opinion, one of the best urologists in the country. His diagnosis are accurate and his solutions are thorough. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a urological issue.

Jacob B.
Dr. Lund is very thorough and efficient.

Jessica M.
Very calm and understanding

Odin M.
Dr. Lund did great job. Pain wasn’t bad during ear cleaning. He made recombination to use a little peroxide before next appointment.

Byron P.
Dr Aldridge and his staff especially Kayla have always engaged US with direct, straight up communication…….that is refreshing. Ask a question, have a concern etc and they will give you and honest response.

Alan S.
Dr. Rumohr was very thorough in explaining all treatment options for me which was very much appreciated and helpful in making an informed decision on treatment going forward.

Robert C.

This last experience was a good one. Lund gave me a nose cleanse bottle. I wish treatment was covered tho

William W.
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Badger for seven years and I recommend him unconditionally.

Jamie E.
Dr. Lund was excellent, very caring and thorough in his examination.

Charisa L.
Dr. Aldridge was able to step in and see me as a patient when my regular surgeon was called in for an emergency surgery at the last moment. He was very kind, thorough, and knowledgeable taking on my post-op visit having never met me. I appreciate his seeing me and interrupting his day, especially after my traveling almost a 100 miles for the appointment. Excellent physicians, both Dr. Aldridge and my surgeon Dr. Wesche. Excellent office and MA staff as well, Trevor was very helpful!

Linda L.
Love the dr. especially since he called me back personally instead of having someone else relay the information and play the telephone game. Happy with the decisions made

Greg S.
Everybody in the office is personable and professional. Dr. Rumohr was great to deal with.

Gary B.
Very professional, knowledgeable, good bedside manner. Time efficient, and offered various solutions for patients logistical management. Thanks..

Julieann B.
I really enjoyed my first time being there. I’m looking forward to coming back.

Jaiprakash P.
I was satisfied with treatment and follow up.

Jaiprakash P.
My questions answers were given very satisfying.

Sandra F.
It is nice to know that at each appointment I can look forward to you and your staff having smiles and a great attitude. Thank you.

Megan C.
Dr. Aldridge was friendly and easy to talk to. He answered all my questions and was genuine. I would definitely use Dr. Aldridge again.

Ashalea B.
Easy and fast check in! They call you back super fast and you don’t have to wait long to be seen by the dr. Dr. Lund made me feel comfortable, explained everything in a way I could understand, walked me through each step of his diagnosis and overall gave me the feeling he cared. I didn’t feel like my appointment was being rushed at all! He really took his time!

Kavin C.
Dr. Badger was very friendly and helpful with our son. Very quick and thorough.

Carol L.
Delightful visit! Ears cleaner and MUCH happier. Thank you!

Naomi A.
I don’t know how I got so lucky to find a wonderful surgeon like Dr Kate Preston. She is a professional and skilled surgeon. She is very kind and thoughtful in follow up appointments. She has made is easier for me to deal with the stuff that’s happening to my body since I first met her at the cancer center.

Skylar M.
Dr.Lund answered all of our questions clearly. Made sure my daughter was comfortable and understood her procedure as best as she could.

Althea P.
was very good visit

Annette C.
Dr Lund listened to me and then evaluated me. Very nice

Christine B.
Everyone was pleasant and professional. Dr Rumohr explained what procedure needed to be done and discussed my CT scan with me. The waiting room is too small and I felt like it could be a petri dish! This is why I didn’t rate it 5 stars.

Karen B.

Dr. Berger is awesome. He tells you Straight Forward the game plan and you KNOW you can trust him. Also his staff his very efficient and friendly. All adds up to a win, win in my surgical play book.

Naomi A.
I was happy with and satisfied with the patient portal once I set it up. Surgeon notes were current and there for me to read. It is easy for me to set up & use. I couldn’t fine a list of phone extensions.

Yvonne T.
I had a wonderful visit! Staff was super nice and happy, which helped me be at ease since I was expecting the worst about my hearing. The office was very clean. Dr. Lund was amazing and after getting my ears all cleaned out, I can hear beautifully! I especially liked that afterwards the doctor answered the many questions I had and gave me good advice. definitely recommend!

Kevin H.
Today was the first time I met Dr Rumohr. He was both very personable and very professional. I felt very comfortable, even though we were discussing a very sensitive subject regarding my personal medical concern. I like this guy. At this point I highly recommend Dr Rumohr.

Kory P.
Dr. Berger was very informative, helpful and really made me feel at ease. Betsy is an absolute delight. She made me so at ease about my upcoming surgery. I left my appointment very excited about the process and very informed about what I need to do in the next few months preparing for my surgery.

Charles S.
The office staff is top notch. Dr Rumohr is a gifted physician. I trust him totally.

David S.
Always treated with respect and have always taken care of me. After surgery Dr Badger checked on me sometime more then once a day. Thank you Dr Badger

Norma F.
Dr Andrew Aldridge is refreshingly cheerful and approachable. Both he and his UofA intern, Karen, took the time to listen and understand my extensive history. I now feel quite hopeful about finding a solution to my complex situation.

Linda V.
The staff of/and Dr Rhumor made me feel as comfortable as possible, all very efficient and friendly

Ernest S.
Excellent service Dr. Badger, M.A. as well. Very efficient

Carlos U.
Great , I was very confused about my health, he answer me some questions, I still have some , but he do a great job !!! Thank you Dr Badger

Virgil H.
Very Pleased!

Jeffrey A.
Excellent surgeon. And staff. Very helpful.

Carrie B.
The whole process was very simple

Belinda S.
The staff are all respectful and friendly and adept at establishing a comfortable atmosphere.

Christal P.

Annette C.
I came in for my post-op appointment yesterday. Dr. Aldridge answered my questions and removed my staples. Dr. Aldridge is an excellent surgeon who is kind and is very concerned about his patients’ well-being. I hope I never have to have another surgery but I would trust Dr. Aldridge to always do the best job humanly possible.

Gabriel S.

Howard W.
Always look at the bright side of life!After having 2 Hernia surgeries I have a collection of scars that could land me a roll in playing in Rambo 5000.Seriously, Dr Andrew Aldridge is by far one of the best surgeons i have come across with both excellent and caring attitude to great surgical skills and preparations for surgery,highly recommend him always.

David N.
Beyond my expectations. Dr aldridge said he would take care of me and he certainly did. The whole team was beyond great

Shirley G.
Dr. A was thorough, courteous and patient driven. He truly cares and explains options and treatment plans. He is sensitive to individual patient needs and is a great communicator.

Jaiprakash P.
Highly recommended al

Ronald M.
Facing prostate cancer as I am, Dr. Rumohr has given me a feeling of confidence that I’m not sure I could find anywhere else. Cancer, in any form, is a scary proposition but my outlook has been incredibly positive because of the confidence I’ve gotten from each meeting I’ve had with Dr. Rumohr. Believe me, you can’t put a pricetag on that kind of support…the mental strength that I’ve gotten is invaluable.

Sherry G.
Still trying to overcome the pain and nausea. Will be back next week for follow-up if I’m still alive. Thank you all.

Calvin C.
All the visits I’ve had were very informative and straight to the point. Services provided by Dr. Rumorh is top-knotch. Thank you for your services and support staff is great as well.

Darren D.

Robert H.
Dr Rumohr is friendly and easy to talk to. Goes over tests thoroughly and in an easy to understand manner. Offers opportunity for questions. I would highly recommend him !

Cheryl G.
Great Thank you

John Z.
Dr. Rumohr inspires confidence, is clear minded and articulate as well as prompt with test results. He made sure I understood the necessary details. And he’s just a good guy!