Do I have a hernia?

Many patients can self-diagnose their hernias. But we are here to help.

A hernia is a protrusion in the abdominal wall. When the abdominal wall layers separate and a portion of your abdominal contents, usually your intestines, comes into the opening, this is a hernia. The most common hernias develop in your belly button, an umbilical hernia, or in the groin area, an inguinal hernia. They may also occur at healed scar sites from previous abdominal surgery.

Sometimes there is pain but no bulging, and other times there is bulging but no pain.

Signs it may be a hernia:

The bulge often appears while you are standing or lifting and disappears when lying down.

You may feel a pain in your abdomen followed by the presence of a bulge after strenuous activities.

If you press on the bulge, you may feel a squishy sensation as if it is filled with air. If this happens, the hernia is more likely to contain intestines.

Hernias CAN be a surgical emergency – hernias containing your intestines are more likely to result in incarceration or strangulation.

Flagstaff Surgical Associates General Surgeons often see patients concerned about a possible hernia. An abnormal bulge on your abdomen IS something worth getting checked out. Our surgeons each do hundreds of hernia surgeries per year, and can work with you to schedule a repair that works for you.  Call 928-773-2222 for appointment.

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