It is common to experience hearing loss as we get older, but did you know that a majority of people with hearing loss are actually below retirement age? The impact of hearing loss is more extensive than just your ears and should not be a health-related issue you neglect. Think of hearing as a partnership between your ears and your brain; if the signals that are coming into your brain are degraded, your brain will have to work much harder to process them. Studies show that untreated hearing loss could have a negative effect on your health and cognition even resulting in stress, depression, and isolation. Additionally, research shows that actively using hearing aids to treat hearing loss reduces the risk of cognitive decline. There are hearing solutions for everyone and better hearing helps you get more out of life!

Hearing aids process sound signals to help patients achieve audibility and clarity of speech, making it easier for your brain to perform other tasks which can reduce mental fatigue, improve memory and focus, and enhance communication. Hearing aid instruments are discrete, lightweight, and reliable. Current technology is designed to help reduce unwanted noise, locate where the sounds are coming from, and focus on sounds of interest. This means you will be enjoying life with more satisfaction and less effort. There are even different levels of technology available to meet different budget needs.

Treatment for hearing loss starts with a comprehensive hearing exam. After your hearing evaluation with our Audiologist, Kerry Beasley Au.D., she can help you choose the optimal treatment that suits your hearing healthcare needs. She works with the full spectrum of treatment options, including hearing aids, bone anchored hearing devices, and cochlear implants. Dr. Beasley has been with Flagstaff Surgical Associates since 2016 and treats patients across the entire age spectrum. For more information about scheduling your hearing screening call 928-773-2222, option 2.

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